Apna WiFi is a portable plug and plays a dongle device that provides a hotspot 2.0 for more secured login and browsing experience for the user, it comes preloaded and pre-programmed with an interactive graphic interface that enables the user to browse about the enterprise. Like for hotel lounge, the device will display hotel gallery, reservations, room availability, hotel features, video teaser on luxurious rooms, offers and services.

Traditional pamphletsare now out of date, in the 21st-century customers are treated the way they like it, the way we like it, the way the next generation will like, it is none other than the unmatched technology we are about to bring in. A true wireless device that is just plugged in a socket and delivers information that none can resist to use it.

Powered by 802.11 WiFi protocol with up to 2.4ghz it can transmit data to multiple nodes without breaking a sweat, Apna WiFi is truly a one of a kind device. The device does not support any cell and it is powered directly through a socket, therefore, making no compromise in power and ultimately squeezing the most out of it.

At Apna WiFi, we investigated the matter that battery-run devices are mostly underpowered and components fail to work at 100% efficiency on top of that it demands PSM(Power Saving Mechanism) rather limited to 802.11ah (WiFi HaLow: Long Range Low Power) protocol which only attends 900Mhz.

Apna WiFi creates a wireless ad hoc network, multiple devices can be connected and data is being relayed from the primary device only. The device does not support auto-sleep and standby mode, it will stay in keepalive mode unless the session is being timed out by the device backend program.


About us


Product Standards:
Apna WiFi is a wireless device that runs on the basic 802.11wifi protocol.

Under certain standardization, the device needs the minimum requirement for being a standard device to be legally used.

Device Circuitry and Internal Communication.

Apna WiFi compromises three primary and two secondary internal circuits. A default complementary metal-oxide semiconductor; an IC(integrated circuit) cluster with registers and shifters forming  MUX(Multiplexer) for signal transmission.

An improvised embedded version of ESP8266 V1(WiFi module) or NodeMCU (Micro Controller Unit) which will sport on Broadcom.

Power Specifications:

The device needs direct current input for the embedded system which mainly comprises 3 components which we’ll follow up eventually.

Product Description Nontechnical:

  • Pocket size device
  • Plug it! Power it! Connect it!   Forget it!
  • It is a hot spot device, can be connected through smartphone
  • No SIM needed
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful and seamless design
  • Ready to play, inbuilt videos, pictures, and blogs
  • Multiple user support
  • Long-range connectivity through 802.11n version of WiFi
  • Built to excel your customer experience
  • Uninterrupted service as it does not rely on an active internet connection.



Apna WiFi providing offline solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Homeopathy, IVF Clinics, Dental Clinics and More..

Apna WiFi For Public and Private Launge

A personalized experience for your guest while they wait at your service lounge

Apna WiFi For Hotels And Restaurants

Enhance customer's experience, making no compromise in hospitality

Apna WiFi For Travel Agency

With Apna WiFi you can now stay connected with onboard services and entertainment anywhere you travel.

Apna WiFi For Schools & Colleges

Education, now delivered through an innovative & revolutionary way.

Apna WiFi For Small and Big Businesses

A Secure and personalized zone for your employees & clients at your office


Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable