Apna WiFi For Schools & Colleges


In this modern age, all classrooms should have an access to internet facilities across India. So that, every students and candidates should be able to experience the best quality of education and hospitality through all the online benefits.

Along with students, teachers should also utilize the internet to provide the rich quality of lessons to all the students so that they can get a bigger exposure to the highest level of opportunities in life.

In 21st century, internet availability and all the online benefits have changed the teaching style and learning process in every classroom. While digital world is offering so many things which can be useful to every classroom in India, there are few drawbacks for which individuals lose the motivation to utilize these amazing facilities in an effective way.

Among all of drawbacks, internet connection availability and expensive cellular data charges are the most common and frequent problems we all face. In spite of having all the advantages in front of us, we feel forced to ignore every useful service due to these problems.

To solve these problems and provide the best hospitality, ApnaWifi
has come up with a device which will meet every user’s expectation in
such a way where users can have the opportunity to use each facility
without getting worried about any additional problem.

Advantages of using ApnaWifi-

  1. It is a wireless portable device that doesn’t require any sort of data connection or www access to get connected to other devices.
  2. ApnaWifi will deliver all the facilities without making the customers wasting their cellular data on the phone as it has the ability to showcase the preloaded data, images, videos, blogs and articles and etc, which will provide the users an amazing experience without any complications.
  3. ApnaWifi is a customizable device that can be used for any enterprise and it has also got the interactive portal which makes it more user-friendly.
  4. Universities and colleges can install ApnaWifi device with a personalized portal that once connected to a smartphone, blogs, videos and etc.

Here are some benefits a university or a college can provide by bringing ApnaWifi in their classrooms:

  1. One of the biggest advantages of using ApnaWifi is that it provides all the teachers and the students the ability to access various important information’s such as university results, important assignments, homework’s for students and etc. These all facilities can be utilized without wasting the cellular data and maintenance charge of internet device.
  2. Having this great device, called ApanWifi in the classroom can also bridge the communication gaps between the university and the students. The university will be able to share important dates and messages through ApnaWifi device which will make students more comfortable with the entire environment in the universities. This can reduce the possibility of misplacing important documents as well.
  3. Since ApnaWifi does not require any internet connection, the essential data which has already been pre-loaded in this device can be sued anywhere at any given point of time.

Now, welcome your students to your university in a 21st-century style with ApnaWifi.



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Apna WiFi For Schools & Colleges

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Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable