Apna WiFi For Hotels And Restaurants

Apna wifi for restaurant

Nowadays, in every place, internet connection has become a common amenity. Facilities we get online has made our life more relaxed and comfortable. Even for the smallest thing we depend on internet or online sites that will provide us the required information without wasting our precious time.  From every market place, café, restaurant and every enterprise, internet or WIFI availability is a must. Not having these facilities does not bring any customer’s attention towards any company.

Though there are lot of benefits any organisation or company can offer their customers. However, increasing price of internet access and poor network connection often bring disappointment to internet users and companies as well.

Restaurant service providers are one of them who face this trouble more often due to the problem of maintenance of any internet device and lack of cost effectiveness.

ApnaWifi can solve this problem within a minute with its amazingly structured device that can provide the customers unlimited entertainment without wasting their cellular data and money. We at ApnaWifi has created this wireless device that can be connected to users’ phone without any internet connection or ethernet cable, which also gives the opportunity to users to experience the most innovative way of enjoying relevant videos, images, blogs and etc. This a device where all the data and information are preloaded so that users can browse without getting worried about the internet charges.

Here are some facilities restaurant owners can offer to customers with the help of ApnaWifi:

  • You can entertain your customers by letting them browse exciting videos, blogs, images while they will be waiting for the food. through this process, you can bring a lot of customers’ attraction which will increase your sales scale more than ever.
  • Restaurant owners can also promote their exotic food or amazing ambiance through the ApnaWifi device. Customers can learn about the table availability and booking process through this device without even wasting their own data connection which will give them a free mind to utilize your services in ana effective way.
  • This is the 21st century and people believe in instant gratification than slow results. In this highly competitive world, your brand can stand out from the others by only providing the best and user-friendly services. With the help of ApnaWifi, you can grow your business and present your brand as one of the top brands in the entire world.

Don’t let your customers complain about your services and establish your brand as the most popular brand with the help of ApnaWifi.



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Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable