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Be it hospital services, restaurant services, travel agency services or any other services, we always seek the right information about the company or the product before we utilize their services.

Among all of these, hospital services are the most essential and popular services people look for these days.

It’s always a good option if you have the right information regarding any treatment which you or any of your loved ones are going to go through.

Nowadays, everything is online and we have become accustomed to a lifestyle with all the facilities of Internet connections and modern devices which give us amazing services.

Since Internet has changed the world entirely and our lifestyle, every industry, organization and institution are gradually acclimatizing to internet connections and devices which will provide a user-friendly service to all customers.


Medical industry is one of the industries where healthcare experts have also adopted internet facilities and provide the best services to the customers which will give them instant gratification. So, absence of these online facilities can make any business less user-friendly that will eventually move the business towards failure. But to access all these facilities, users are forced to use their personal data connection or cellular data which prevent them from utilizing the internet services in an effective way.

At ApnaWifi, we are ready to banish the problem mentioned above by creating a dongle device which is also known as a portable plug that contains per-loaded and per-programmed contents of any particular place and the best part of this service is that users don’t need an Ethernet cable or any sort of internet connection to access this facility.  It is a wireless device, with an interactive graphic interface that allows users to browse about an enterprise.

Homeopathy is an ancient and effective way of curing diseases which is gradually becoming obliterated due to lack of education and whereabouts of any specific homeopathy clinic. 

With the help of ApnaWifi, users can connect with the hotspot on a smartphone or laptop and go through the videos, pictures, blogs and everything without getting worried about wasting the cellular data on their phone. ApnaWifi will be providing all the valuable information about any homeopathy clinic and how they treat your concerns.

So, ApnaWifi is an essential and effective part of medical infrastructure. The team of ApnaWifi have assured that the entire modern world will be benefited with their services in medical field and other fields as well.



Apna WiFi providing offline solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Homeopathy, IVF Clinics, Dental Clinics and More..

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Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable