Apna WiFi For Public and Private Launge

Apna wifi for school

Today’s youth who have grown up in between advanced technologies, experiencing the highest level of technical facilities, it’s not possible for them to confine their life into limited facilities. So, be it airport, bus stop, hotels, public park, we always want something special or unique entertainment which will help us to feel the pleasure.

Why not provide unique and entertaining videos for your customers while they are waiting for bus, flight or any reservation. This is the 21st century and you have to fulfilll the customers’ satisfaction in an effective way in order to grow your business.

Besides the private sectors’ lounges, government sectors also need improvement with their hospitality. They can only move forward when they will offer the best services to the customers.

While you are looking for the best way of offering to the customers the entertainment, Apna Wifi has made your job easy with their spectacular and innovative device which can satisfy each individual in any filed equally.

The world has evolved and Apna Wifi appreciate all sort of technological advancement which delivers gratifications for all!

Apna Wifi is a device that can get customized by anyone in any field. Providers will have to upload the logo, videos, images relevant to their brand and they can easily connect it to their laptop or smart phones without any internet connection or ethernet cable connection.

Apna Wifi is the only way we can offer the customers this sort of advance entertainment which will not even cost a single penny. Customers can browse all kinds of information and data without connecting their own cellular data. This kind of service has the ability to make India a better place, where people will be experiencing the hospitality.

Apna Wifi has created a limitless possibility to provide the best service. Utilize our services and experience creativity in a new or better way.



Apna WiFi providing offline solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Homeopathy, IVF Clinics, Dental Clinics and More..

Apna WiFi For Public and Private Launge

A personalized experience for your guest while they wait at your service lounge

Apna WiFi For Hotels And Restaurants

Enhance customer's experience, making no compromise in hospitality

Apna WiFi For Travel Agency

With Apna WiFi you can now stay connected with onboard services and entertainment anywhere you travel.

Apna WiFi For Schools & Colleges

Education, now delivered through an innovative & revolutionary way.

Apna WiFi For Small and Big Businesses

A Secure and personalized zone for your employees & clients at your office


Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable