This world is constantly changing with ingenious innovations and creativity. We are currently living in a state where we always seek perpetual results which can keep us happy and satisfied. Technology is one of the aspects which has always managed to impress us with its’ unique creation. In the present day, internet has completely changed our way of communication and leading a lifestyle by its various unique qualities.

About us
Internet has not only provided us the advanced facilities; it has also connected us with each other in such a way we never thought. One of the most essential aspect internets has given us is “unity”. Through various services we are now able to develop a bridge between two completely new worlds and learn numerous numbers of things.

Apna WIFI team appreciate the new innovations, so we at Apna Wifi has taken the charge to influence the entire society with our positive creation. Apna Wifi team has made the decision to deliver various data to the people in an extremely different way.




Apna Wifi, a modern device which is portable and customizable, doesn’t demand any sort off internet connection, is one of the most useful devices for the society which is required in every field.

We at Apna Wifi will fulfil all your expectations through our unique device which can be operated without any help of other devices.  In this era, be it any restaurant, hotel, bus stop, office, airport or any other places, we are always looking for user-friendly services along with fast result.

With the help of Apna Wifi, various business owners and clients have found the best way to offer hospitality which makes them stronger and firmer as a brand. Universities, restaurant owners, organisations, hotels, airport private lounge, etc- These are the name of few enterprises who can utilize Apna Wifi to make their brand more popular and efficient.

Here are few useful features of Apna Wifi which has been proved as the most essential thing in today’s life.

  1. This particular device provides individuals any kind of information without any complications and intricacies.
  2. Users don’t have to use their own cellular data while they are connected to this device.
  3. All the information of any enterprise has been pre-loaded into this device, so that they can browse through it anywhere anytime.
  4. This device is also offering an interactive portal through which users can browse unlimited videos, images, blogs and etc.
  5. Users can always update this device with relevant information without going through any kind of difficulties.

However, Apna Wifi is one of these inventions, without it, it won’t be possible for us to move our society towards success. Apna Wifi has the ability to give the society a modern shape with their spectacular services.



Apna WiFi providing offline solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Homeopathy, IVF Clinics, Dental Clinics and More..

Apna WiFi For Public and Private Launge

A personalized experience for your guest while they wait at your service lounge

Apna WiFi For Hotels And Restaurants

Enhance customer's experience, making no compromise in hospitality

Apna WiFi For Travel Agency

With Apna WiFi you can now stay connected with onboard services and entertainment anywhere you travel.

Apna WiFi For Schools & Colleges

Education, now delivered through an innovative & revolutionary way.

Apna WiFi For Small and Big Businesses

A Secure and personalized zone for your employees & clients at your office


Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable