Apna wifi on companyTravel agencies are probably one of the most demanded and profitable industry in today’s world. Who hates trips? Very few of us of course. But most have the wonder lust. So Travel agency plays a key role to  Capture most of the clients. No doubt once this business is witnessed, multiple competitors will turn up. But again, as per business survival book, only one stays others get owned by the biggest. So Why be the small fish? Be on top of the apex chain. But the question is, How to gain the upper hand? First and foremost see what the clients seek. They seek information, and a solid one, they are fed by salesman offering for trips with 1 LAKH only! Yes the price itself may repulse the client. But what about I say the same client would agree on the same trip and pay the same amount but it needs a different approach. It’s a human mentality that we tend to believe technology nowadays rather than a person trying to convince us for the best deal. We cannot help it, because the person being convinced has himself been on the other side. Therefore he knows what he could be stepping into, a scam or exploit.

So customer experience and how to attend him is one of the vital factors which once excelled will leave an impression forever. You must provide your customers with a free wifi hotspot. Now when it comes wifi, it means a lot of infrastructures(if ethernet) or SIM card monthly expences. Apnawifi does the work for you. It is a plug and play dongle device which creates a hotspot for users. It is inbuilt with a software package, videos, pictures, blogs, and services. The best part is, Apnawifi needs no SIM card or ethernet  connectivity, no maintenance needed as well. Just plug and play and fully customizable portal for your business. Users can connect the hotspot and stream tour videos, browse exotic and adventurous pictures or even read blogs on trips experience with the fare. All of these can be explored by a user without cellular data. People are most likely to be moved by immersive tour videos with exotic places and then prices popping up slowly. They would consider the trip plan. So the next time the visitor thinks for a travel agency, it would be your not others. Making a business is easy but surviving the business rivalry is not. Why give up early? Flaunt your services with Apnawifi, make users go numb  by your tour plans and reviews.



Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable




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