Apna Wifi hospitalsWho loves to visit the dentist? Very few of us obviously, no doubt we are scared of dentists because we have the least knowledge on the matter. Which makes us nervous and creates negligence for dental care.Most of the people visiting a dental clinic always seek information about what operations are being implemented in their mouths. No doubt a typical patient would use his/her cellular data and end up finding none.

There is no such youtube video that especially shows an animated video on the dental operation being executed on that particular clinic. You never know what techniques are used in that clinic, that will differ from others. So this problem is stagnant for decades. Now we bring you the most innovative technological approach to connect with patients while they are idle. Apnawifi is a hotspot device which can be accessed through smartphone and laptop, users can stream health videos, dental knowledgable resources, read dental blogs, read about the doctor in that clinic and past works and achievements. All of these will be available to users without cellular data and  thernet. Apnawifi is just a plug & play device, inbuilt software packages and interactive customizable portal which will contain videos, pictures, blogs and services of the dental clinic. The device needs no further installation and drivers,Just PLUG IT! CONNECT IT! FORGET IT!


Apna Wifi HomeopathicHomeopathic is one of the trusted and desired way for any patient. Not only because it is economic but also it has the least side effect. Along with time technology advances, people are obsessed with a complex routine ultimately and ultimately unique diseases emerge. The current situation is people having zero faith in homeopathy on top of that people don’t have time to be cured gradually, they want an immediate result.

No one believes that homeopathy has also developed to address distinctive illness. Most of the homeopathic clinics are old and rusty, people try to keep them busy but cellular data not always on their side. Who knows where is the homeopathic clinic? Maybe in the middle of nowhere. Apnawifi is a hotspot device that comes preloaded with software packages, an interactive customizable portal with inbuilt videos, pictures, and blogs. Users can connect the hotspot using a smartphone or laptops and stream videos, browse pictures or read blogs without cellular data.

Apnawifi is a plug and play device that needs no SIM card or ethernet connection. Just plug it and power it, users can connect the hotspot and enjoy streaming videos which portray how homeopathy works in the human body and how it developed over time. Browse pictures of homeopathy formulas and read blogs on homeopathy research papers. All of these are possible without cellular data. Users can now explore how homeopathy works while waiting at the clinic and without cellula data expense they use free wifi service of the clinic.Hospitals and massive Infirmaries has always been less informative to visitors and patients. It’s like finding a pin in a haystack. Speaking about the reception desk, they are only limited to provide you directions towards ward numbers and stuff. Don’t even think other people could be friendly, they are all in a tense situation and therefore they avoid 3rd party interference. Apnawifi solves the whole situation. Whether its infirmary or hospital, no matter how big the infrastructure is, the device can be plugged anywhere in any socket. Apnawifi is a plug and play hotspot device which needs no SIM card or ethernet connection, users can connect the hotspot using a smartphone and browse free inbuilt contents like health videos, achievement and treatment success pictures, and knowledgeable blog resources. Not only that, the device is preloaded with software packages that can be customized with the hospital name and logo and information about all the doctors and availability. The nearest pharmacy and medicine rates can be displayed.

Therefore Apnawifi can be a crucial part of medical infrastructure. It enhances information exchange with visitors and patients with the easiest way the modern world could’ve expected. And that’s no other than smartphone connectivity through hotspot without the need for cellular data!



Apna WiFi is a hotspot device that needs no SIM card or an ethernet cable




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