About usWe at Apna WiFi are determined to escalate the delivery of the information and data utilizing wireless communication without the need for cellular data or www access. 21st century is the century of innovations and technological fantasy and Apna WiFi promises to deliver the most sophisticated and innovative way to communicate with the mass.

Our boundary is limitless, Apna WiFi can be implemented in Restaurants, Airports, Public Parks, Lounge, Clinic and going on. Our goal is to make our beloved guests use Apna WiFi instead of consuming their cellular data.

We’ve succeeded to take the hospitality to the next level, clients at any Company, patients at any clinic or customers at any restaurants deserves to be treated with the utmost respect with supreme hospitality, now Apna WiFi makes it possible to merge hospitality with technology, the point is Why let our client waste their cellular data when we can feed them with a pre loaded data and services through an interactive portal. Enterprises can install the device with a personalized portal that once connected to a smartphone, laptop or tab, visitors can enjoy interactive videos, blogs and a plethora of information about the company. Our device is portable and comes with plug and play feature, we pre-program the device’s portal as per request by the enterprise. The contents can be updated with videos, blogs, and pictures related to the enterprise. The device can be accessed with multiple users at a time and needs no active internet connection.

About usOur team at Apna WiFi is driven through our passion for advanced engineering for mobile devices which delivers information without cellular data or an active internet connection. We believe in wireless communication media and therefore we are driven to think in an innovative way to reach the goal and set a new standard in the wireless device industry which is not only a router based device but also a pre-programmed and customizable interface portal which can meet the demands of any enterprise.

We at Apna WiFi aim to escalate the way how information is being delivered at enterprises, restaurants , Airport, Clients, visitors, passengers, and patients no longer need cellular data to browse about the enterprise. The Apna WiFi device enables users to enjoy preloaded services and data just by connecting through wifi. The main portal and interface are customizable as per desire.



Apna WiFi providing offline solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Homeopathy, IVF Clinics, Dental Clinics and More..

Apna WiFi For Public and Private Launge

A personalized experience for your guest while they wait at your service lounge

Apna WiFi For Hotels And Restaurants

Enhance customer's experience, making no compromise in hospitality

Apna WiFi For Travel Agency

With Apna WiFi you can now stay connected with onboard services and entertainment anywhere you travel.

Apna WiFi For Schools & Colleges

Apna WiFi for education, now delivered through an innovative & revolutionary way

Apna WiFi For Small and Big Businesses

A Secure and personalized zone for your employees & clients at your office